PU Leather Waterproof Office Gaming Desk Mat

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1. Material: PU Leather
2. Thickness: 2mm / 0.08'' (appr.)
3. Size: (L)x(W) 80x40cm / 31.50''x15.75'' (appr.)
4. Color: Green+Grey, Blue+Yellow, Grey+Silver, Red+Yellow, Black+Red, Pink+White

1. Two kinds of grain, two colors, both sides use.
2. Portable design, with tie belt, easy to travel to use.
3. Easy to clean the surface, not easy to residual stains.
4. Anti-grease, anti-spilled water leakage, wear anti-aging, waterproof material.
Warm Reminder:
Due to leather material after cutting will shrink slightly, the actual size of the product may be 0.2-1cm deviation, please know.
Package Included:
1x Mouse Pad
1x Tie Belt