Disposable Alcohol Pads 2-Ply Cotton Personal Care 100Pcs

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★ Wide use - disinfection of wounds, sterilization of dishes, disinfection of children's toys, beauty tools, mobile phone and mouse, cups and cleaning of watches.
★ Kill bacteria - Containing 70% isopropyl, our preparation can effectively kill bacteria. Our pads have a soft, highly absorbent 2-layer construction, ideal for all skin types.
★ Individual packaging - Individually packaged, cleaner, easier to transport and more convenient to use.
★ FOR PROFESSIONAL AND DOMESTIC USE: Our pads are packaged in a practical way and can be used both in professional premises and in household care.
Methods of use: Tear the small bags, wipe the required parts directly 
Material: non-woven fabric 
Size: about 3x6 cm 
Quantity: 100Pcs/Box
Package includes:
100Pcs X Disposable Alcohol Pads